Whenever i become that it relationships, I thought: Why waste my entire life to the somebody’s judgments and you will what folks thought?

Whenever i become that it relationships, I thought: Why waste my entire life to the somebody’s judgments and you will what folks thought?

“Now, in the event that like a married relationship happen between two different people out-of challenger regions, when we end and you will get to know it from the social perspective and you may in any most other perspective, this means a great deal,” Hamza-Hasanaj told Prishtina Understanding.

Prishtina Belief expected one another Kosovar and you may Serbian family members for the Kosovo regarding it, and more than hesitated to dicuss, explaining eg marriage ceremonies as something “dont happen”.

“Inside a dream, basically spotted my kid marrying a good Serb, I’d overdo it. I would personally never ever forgive they,” told you Lumja of Vushtrri, a father or https://datingmentor.org/okcupid-vs-tinder/ mother away from half a dozen students.

Hamza-Hasanaj says matrimony is a very important phase of your own life course and its summary is very important just on partners however for the family and area overall.

My children wishes me to go to him or her for brand new Season,” she extra

“Provided the consequences of the last battle are new throughout the Albanian groups of Kosovo, when we take while the a tangible example the latest slaughter in addition to destroyed regarding community of Meje, where you can find group that have however not yet found the family unit members, without entering information, I am able to point out that it has made it tough and you can inappropriate to accept like za-Hasanaj.

“This is not you are able to so long as I’m live. I live in Kosovo, however, I would never ever accept an excellent Kosovar within my household,” told you Dragan off Zubin Potoku, father from a few girl and a guy.

Hamza-Hasanaj takes into account one to a choice having eg a shared relationships would depend with the commitment and contract of your pair, and on just what foundation, cultural or otherwise, they wish to build their lifetime

However, Genti and you may Suzana point out that they haven’t yet found one obstacles using their individual families, and you will, as for society’s prejudices, he’s turned a blind eye on it.

“My mother cannot separate some body because of the nationality or religion. She’s got Albanian nearest and dearest, Bulgarian and various ethnicities, so i read not to separate. We learned to watch how you’re, if a or bad, precisely what the patterns of this people is, the reputation – those things I read so you’re able to split, however, just those,” claims Maric.

“When my personal mommy found Gent, she enjoyed your immediately, just like the he had been a together with a good character and you will are respectful and you may clean.

Certain Kosovar family thought that provided brand new future off the fresh new shed, rapes, murders and other losses regarding Kosovo war is not made clear, marriages ranging from Kosovars and Serbs you should never take place.

However, Genti states you to definitely whenever you are at first their father got a great situation taking Suzana, when he got to know their he completely changed his advice. not, to own his mother, telecommunications stays problematic because they do not chat a familiar words.

“It is not perfect for society to guage us, as our company is the new post-conflict age bracket. This is my life and never theirs therefore i don’t care and attention anyway,” he states.

Really Albanian-Serbian partners are in reality in their sixties, partnered in an era when secular communism entered ethnic and you will religious divides.

Unlike following war during the Kosovo, in the course of Yugoslav communism, there have been a whole lot more marriage ceremonies anywhere between people of some other ethnicities, especially between people who belonged for the governmental or social elites.

Some of the cases that stay in the fresh cumulative memories was the wedding of actor Bekim Fehmiu and you will Serbian celebrity Branka Petric, out-of which they have one or two youngsters.

Some other societal case are the marriage of your actor Faruk Begolli towards National Movie theater away from Belgrade dancer, Zoja Dokovic, which separated after 17 many years of marriage.

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